A Natural Look That Works

Saltillo Pavers

When you want to give your home or place of business a stunning look that lasts, consider the Mexican Saltillo tile pavers from Cortopassi Tile & Stone, Inc! Our selection of amazing stones brings the flair of the Southwest and a true Latin look to wherever you are. The smooth surface drinks in cool temperatures and provides not only comfort but aesthetics too - all in one!

Our Inventory of Amazing Saltillo Pavers

Opting to buy Saltillo Pavers means receiving a product that is completely unique. Sometimes, there are pieces that contain coyotes and chicken feet prints! These add a rustic charm to your design. Customers can choose between the Riviera, Chateau, San Felipe, Hexagon, and Brick shape. 


Let’s Transform Your Home Interiors With Signature Mexican Saltillo Pavers

Not only are these pavers versatile, durable, and practical, but they also look unique, classic, and charming. Download our brochure by clicking on any of the images to learn what makes Saltillo pavers a smart choice for your pavers.

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